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WSA Global Congress 2023

The WSA Global Congress 2023 will be held in Puebla, Mexico from May 31 to June 3. At the congress, the 2022 WSA winners demonstrate global best practices of digital impact solutions.

The WSA Global Congress is a catalyst platform to share learnings. It promotes an attitude of social awareness and how to look at the world, a global mechanism bringing together hidden champions and Nobel prize winners, international unicorns and neighbourhood solutions, national governments and global citizens.

The 2022 winning digital impact solutions demonstrate global best practices. They contribute to the transformation of knowledge societies and to the Agenda 2030 and the achievement of the SDGs of the United Nations.

In its 3 days program, WSA Global Congress combines inspiring keynotes, innovation shots by social entrepreneurs from all regions of the world, interactive workshops and the pitches of the 45 WSA winning teams 2022.

  • FUTURISE CLIMATE focuses on behavioural change of people in mobility and energy, creating smart cities.
  • FUTURISE DIGITAL GAPS lowers divides on all levels, not just access but also knowledge and skills, competencies and abilities.
  • FUTURISE DEMOCRACY addresses the rise of AI and the age of algorithms, advancing the values of democracies through quality journalism and a focus on human rights.


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